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Sandbox Singapore

In 2013, Lyft came out of a hackathon.

In 2023, what will you come up with?

A Hackathon for Everyone

We collate hackathons from both local and international scenes, ranging from the most beginner-friendly hackathons to expert-level hackathons. All hackathons listed on SandboxSG are free to participate!

First time participating in one? Try out any of the beginner hackathons - all you need to do is to keep an open mind about it!

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The Hackathon List

Last Updated: 2023-01-11

About Us

At SandboxSG, we feel that the typical academic journey stifles creativity, passion, and growth, due to the risk of grades. Ever had an fun and creative idea, but too afraid to use it in your class projects?

Hackathons promote and encourage a risk-free way of building your very own ideas, while getting valuable feedback from industry mentors.

Our team has participated in over 30+ hackathons and won 10 different awards in the last 2 years, and will still be participating in more. You may also see us in some of the hackathons in the list!

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